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About Us

The Deer Mountain Fire Protection District (DMFPD) is located in Fremont County, Colorado. The District covers approximately 260 square miles of small rural sub-divisions, wilderness areas and the town of Cotopaxi.

There are three Stations within the District:

Station-1 provides services to the sub-divisions of Cody Park, Colorado Acres, Ross Springs, Glen Vista and the Iron Mountain Wilderness Area.

Station-2 serves the town of Cotopaxi, US Highway 50 corridor through Big Horn Sheep Canon and the Arkansas River Recreation Areas.

Station-3 provides services to the Indian Springs sub-division and mutual aid to surrounding sub-divisions.

There are approximately 4,000 permanent residents, consisting of approximately 1,800 structures, and 1,000 snowbirds (summer time increase in residents) within our boundaries. The District responds to over 270 yearly calls which range from big and small Wildland Fires, Medical, Motor Vehicle and Swift Water Accidents.




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