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The mill levy increase passed.

5A Deer Mountain
Yes 54%
No 46%


Prop 103
Yes 27%
No 73%

2A Library Issue
Yes 47%
No 53%

2016 Proponentsí statement of support for
Deer Mountain Fire Protection Districtís
mill levy override ballot issue.

The proposal to increase the mill levy for the Deer Mountain Fire District has been discussed several years by the districtís board of directors. As revenues decline and costs increase, the Deer Mountain Fire District is faced with critical decisions of how to maintain and improve fire public safety needs of the district.

If approved, the ballot question would add four mills to the fire districtís mill levy resulting in a total mill levy of 7.992 mills. Itís estimated that the additional four mills would raise total tax revenue to $187,000 each year for fire district equipment and operations. The four mills would add an extra annual cost of about $31 for each $100,000 in assessed property valuation. Current tax revenues are $93,949.16.

The district board is considering spending perhaps half of the new funding to replace aging fire trucks. The second priority would be to address operating expenses, facilities improvements and personnel equipment and training. .

With the limited revenues the Deer Mountain Fire District now collects, it is barely able to keep pace with monthly operational costs. The District does not have a routine capitol equipment replacement program and most of the trucks in the fire district fleet are upwards to 20 years old. Cost of maintaining this aging fleet of trucks is becoming very expensive. Another capitol expense the district must continue to consider is coming mandated upgrading radio communications to the latest 800 mhz radios which is the standard being required across Colorado so public safety agencies can communicate with each other.

While operational costs for fuel, utilities, building and truck maintenance, and firefighter training are increasing, revenues to the district are decreasing. With property valuations dropping countywide the fire district has lost revenue and will continue to lose revenue in the coming years which would further hinder the ability of the district to equip and maintain the kind of emergency fire services that citizens demand.

The Deer Mountain Fire District Board has always been active in pursuing grants and will continue to do so. However declining revenues have reached the point that the district believes this mill levy override question now makes the most sense to protecting our assets and meeting the districtís obligations to protect lives and property.

Proponents for this measure believe this measure needs to go into effect in the tax year 2012 in order to maintain and stay current with the level of services now rendered to the community.  

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Mill Levy Revenue Statement

Additional Notice Ė election to create financial obligation

1 (2) (l) The districtís ending general fund balance for the last four fiscal years and the projected ending general fund balance for the current year.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
($4,658) $5,749 $37,964 $27,904 $20,000

(ll) A statement of the total revenues in and expenditures from the districtís general fund for the last four fiscal years and the projected total revenues in and expenditures from the general fund for the current fiscal year.

From 2007 to 2010 total revenues in was $604,255. Total expenditures for the same period were $559,603. Projected revenue for 2011 is $108,000 with expenditures estimated to be $112,550.

(lll) The amount of any debt or other financial obligation incurred by the district for each of the last four fiscal years for cash flow purposes that has a term of not more than one year and the amount of any such financial obligation projected for the current year.

No debt.

(lV) A statement as to whether the districtís emergency reserve required by section 20(5) of article X of the state constitution has been fully funded by cash or investments for the current fiscal year and for each of the last four fiscal years and an identification of the funds or accounts which the reserve is currently held.

The emergency reserve has been fully funded in each of the above years. The funds are held in an account at Great Western Bank in Canon City.

The foregoing figures are estimates.

(V) The location or locations at which any person may review the districtís Audited financial statements for the last four fiscal years, any management letters that have been made public and have been provided to the district by its auditors in connection with the preparation of its audits for the last four fiscal years, and the districtís budget for the current year.

Deer Mountain Fire Department
6517 County Road 28
Cotopaxi, CO 81223

Terry Nimnicht
Custer County Medical Clinic
704 Edwards Ave.
Westcliffe, CO 81252

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